Five tech videos collections


I would like to make compilation of cool tech videos resources I discovered during 2013.


This is a gem that I discovered during Hacker School. I never heard about Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs book before fall 2013. I was able to work just through beginning of the book and videos lectures but that was enough to open my eyes on some fundamentals of programming. Definitely going to continue with these lectures.

Bret Victor

I watched my first video from Bret Victor two years ago. In 2013 he made more talks. I highly recommend watching all of them. That will inspire you, provoke some thoughts on programming, computer science, education. For me Bret is the biggest out-of-the-box thinker in these fields.


Kevin Rose over years produced loads of great interviews with entrepreneurs, programmers on his Foundation series. At the moment (January 20, 2014) he has 35 interviews with the people like Elon Musk, Ben Horowitz, Jack Dorsey, Ev Williams, Phil Libin, Dave Morin, Kevin Systrom etc. Some of the interviews reveal fascinating biographical facts and stories from these successful people. Light watch that doesn't require lot of mental energy from you.

Small empires

Alexis Ohanian makes cool series called Small empires. I just recently discovered those videos and going to watch all of them.

Shots of Awe

Jason Silva's work was a mind blowing discovery for me. Futurism, philosophy, life questions wrapped in short, high-quality (picture, sound) videos. Absolutely loved it and can watch each video several times. The density of information is so high in his works! Definitely recommend Shots of Awe.


That was list of 5 great resources with great videos. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did.