Innovations in clothing


I felt for some time now that nothing new is happening in the fashion/clothing industry. We still wear conceptually same clothes as people decades ago. The quality usually is not good for mass market brands. Most of the companies are focused on consumption these days. Probably few brands care about quality, design, innovation, ecology, sustainability, health of consumers. Not many companies are using technology to succeed.


But there is hope. I was keeping an eye on the companies that are doing something cool. Here is my list of companies to keep an eye on:


Feels like our clothes will look differently in few years. Mass customization will replace mass production. People should be able uniquely express themselves through clothes using customization. There should be Tumblr for this industry. It will attract tons of creative people, they will create "themes" available for everyone. Tumblr allowed creatives to have their own space on the Internet with unique design and without knowledge of web technologies, html, javascript. Someone should create product that will do the same for clothing. I can definitely see online marketplaces where you would be able to buy "themes" for your underwear from people around the world.

I hope to see smaller startups/brands disrupting huge corporations. Crodwfunding will play a big role in this change. Someone will solve problem with production/manufacturing of new clothes. It would be much easier and cheaper to start own fashion brands. And new brands would be able to innovate on design, technology, quality, usability etc.