Make static web site with Clojure and host it on Amazon S3 and CloudFront


We decided to host our own site, blog and open source corner sites on Amazon S3.

I'll not go into details about reasoning for that but rather try to explain technology used.


There are a lot of articles on the Internet how to make you custom blog using Jekyll and host it on Amazon 1, 2.

Our approach was very similar to one described in these articles but instead of Jekyll we used custom Clojure code.

Our code is very similar to standalone Clojure library for sites generation called ecstatic.

It's pretty trivial to generate HTML code in any programming language. In Clojure we are using Hiccup library.

After you have static site (html, css, images etc) you can host it on Amazon S3. Please see official documentation how to do that.

Hosting your static web sites has already amazing benefits:

However you can improve speed dramatically even more. For that you need Amazon CloudFront. CloudFront is Amazon's own Content Distribution Network. Amazon basically will push your static site to the hundreds(thousands?) of servers located in different parts of the world. So e.x. if some user will visit your site from far country your site will not be served from e.x. US East coast but from closest server to that user.

Configure Amazon CloudFront for S3 bucket

Please read official documentation how to configure CloudFront to work with site deployed to your S3 bucket.

I would give you just one small tip. If you have S3 bucket with the name CloudFront will suggest as Origin Domain Name during distribution creation. If you choose such name you may have some troubles: '' will not be resolved automatically to ''. I suggest to use full endpoint name for your S3 bucket. E.x. for bucket hosted on the US East

After creating 'Content distribution' on Amazon CloudFront for your site you should change your DNS records. Basically you need some way to resolve DNS name of your site (e.x. into CloudFront URL for your distribution. Luckily if you already using Amazon Route 53 it will be super easy to do. You need to create new Record Set of type 'A' for your domain name. Then just select Alias and pickup your CloudFront distribution you just created.

What can be improved

Right now I need manually run build commands to re-generate HTML content from Markdown. Ideally this can be done automatically. E.x. site generator can be hosted on Heroku and it can be executed automatically (to generate HTML and deploy it to Amazon S3) when somebody pushes changes to GitHub repository where source hosted.