Product launch on Beta List


Recently we launched simple signup page for the marketplace, we are working on (Communist - check it out). Our idea was to launch using only one source and we chose Beta List for this purpose. In this article we are going to analyze (very short) what happened.


We decided to launch simple signup page (HTML page with MailChimp subscription form), because we wanted to start collecting information about users, who are potentially interested in our new product. For us, choosing Beta List for initial launch was an obvious solution, since we are using it by ourselves (highly recommend subscribe for their newsletters).

Daily Beta List sends email to their subscribers with the list of new companies/products/startups, which are looking for users, early adopters. So, Beta List subscribers are people, who are interested in using new apps and products.

Anyone can submit their product to Beta List and after some review it will appear on the site and then arrive as the part of the newsletter.

Goal of the post

Before submitting our product to Beta List we didn't know what to expect:

Basically it was the black box for us. That's why we want to share information that we found out from our personal experience.


We submitted our site on July 16, 2013 (you can do the same for free here, your page will look similar to ours. After submission we got a message that typical time for review and approval in most cases is around 5 weeks (we were shocked!), and that you can speed up process with some money. We were very surprised when on July 21 (it was Sunday) after just 5(!) days Communist was published to Beta List.

The cool thing about Beta List is that after the new entry is published on the site, there are around 250 tweets sent automatically (some Beta List users set up their profiles to automatically tweet about every new entry).

On Monday (July 22) our site was in the Beta List's daily email.

Here are our results from Google Analytics:

Google Analytics results

You can see, during the first two days we got more than 200 visits. It's not a huge number, but remember, that lots of these users are more likely to sign up for your site, because they already read about you on Beta List page or from newsletter. So conversion rate should be pretty high. For us, conversion is the number of users, who signed up using MailChimp form on the site.

In 2 weeks after launching exclusively on Beta List we got 60 signups, while total number of unique visitors is 435 (from July 21 till August 4). Average visit duration is 54 seconds, which is pretty high for 1 page web site.

We got following users distribution across the countries:


Launching site just on Beta List was a very interesting experiment. We got some statistics, which may help you when you are planning your launch. We also recommend reading these posts on why and how to pre launch your product: