Ukrainian music


In my post on Ukraine I mentioned two things that make me believe that my home country has a chance for the successful future. One of the things was an emergence of high-quality music bands. I see this as an indicator of upcoming changes in the society and in the state as a result.

Music bands

For my English-speaking friends, I made a compilation of modern Ukrainian bands and artists that have English lyrics (just as a side note: this is only a subset of modern bands: the majority of the artists sing only in Ukrainian or Russian).

Onuka - modern electronic music created using some ethnic Ukrainian instruments.

Zetetics - young indie-rock band.

Secret Avenue - new wave, indie band influenced by the 70s-80s culture.

Brunettes Shoot Blondes - another young indie rock band, with very distinguishing vocal.

Jamala - Ukrainian jazz and pop superstar. Her voice is mesmerizing.

Gorchitza - another elctronic band, they are active and quite successful for several years now.

Lakewayband - indie-pop band, performing western-influenced music with sensual lyrics and romantic synths.

DaKooka - indie-rock / trip-hop / reggae artist.

Fontaliza - an alternative rock band.

Alloise - more electronic music from the front-woman of Gorchitza.

The Erised - a London-based band with Ukrainian roots.

Atomic Simao - a mixture of psychedelic and space rock.

The Moon Theory - one more super young indie band from Lviv.

ELEPHANT - acoustic indie-folk.

Sphingidae - alternative art pop.


Give this list a try, enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments.